Timesheet software that does everything. Better.

Timesheets in no time with BigTime Express.

Express is time tracking, pure and simple - without all the bells and whistles. We're talking easy online timesheets. Reports that are a snap to customize and push to Excel or PDF. At-a-glance project status. A mobile app that tracks time on-the-go. And QuickBooks integration
requiring zero setup.

A convenient all-in-one dashboard that lets you see the big picture.

The BigTime Express dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your firm's activity and productivity at any time, in real-time. Like hours submitted and posted to QuickBooks; employee input vs. capacity; projects imported, staff imported, service items and more. Your most important stats, all at a glance, all in one easy to access spot. Not to mention it looks pretty cool.

Super-easy timesheets that your staff will actually enjoy using.

One of the key aspects of an online timesheet app is that your people will actually use it. Express was designed to make the chore of logging time a thing of the past. Our timesheets are elegant in their simplicity, so a staffer can get in, input their time, and get out in just a few minutes at the end of the day - with plenty of time to catch the train. They can even do it on the train, thanks to our new Express mobile app.

QuickBooks integration: automatic, seamless and 100% hassle-free.

BigTime Express was built from the ground up to sync with QuickBooks, so integration is effortless. No spending hours on the phone to reconfigure; no importing or exporting. Integration happens so fast, you're up and running in a single afternoon. As the only time-tracking software app that Intuit (maker of QuickBooks) uses in its own practice management suite, we're the perfect choice for the 5-10 person firm who relies on QuickBooks.

Customizable time-tracking reports that allow you to serve up data just the way you want it.

We know what reports you want at your fingertips, so Express puts those front and center so you don't have to go hunting. Our streamlined reporting tool makes it a breeze to pull data into reports, then push into Excel or export as email-able PDFs with a single click. While other "lite" apps strip away capabilities, Express streamlines them so that they're just easier to use. Customize formats, fields and calculations to your exact needs - all without becoming a computer whiz or coding genius.

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